Popular high paying jobs in India and the world in 2022


There is no doubt that everyone wants a well-paying job. After spending so many years educating yourself, it is understandable to desire a job that pays you well,. Because of the continuous changing talent market, it can be challenging to obtain an attractive wage package. Candidates must adapt to the changes in the job market and prepare themselves for the marketplace.

Below listed are some of the popular jobs in India and world in 2022

  1. Medicine
  • India’s healthcare sector has a long history of offering the best careers. A medical degree is highly sought after, as there has never been a decline in the demand for physicians and surgeons. The government and business stakeholders are focused on improving nation’s medical industry as they play a significant role in shaping society’s well being
  • Salaries for Indian physicians and surgeons are very high, with pay that varies according to specialties like dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, or fields like health care management, nursing and physician assistant, home health aide, etc.
  • In India, the average annual income for medical professionals is around 10 lakhs.

2. Architectural Designer

  • The demand for architects with formal training is rising rapidly as the general public becomes more conscious of the necessity for clean, well-organized living areas in metropolitan environments.
  • Particularly in urban India, the economy of India has experienced rapid industrialization and urbanization, which has greatly increased demand for commercial and residential space.
  • Companies are looking for professionals with talents in architectural design, interior design, and real estate development in major cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru.
  • In India, the average annual income for an Architectural designer is around 10 lakhs.

3. Product Management

  • In the Indian industry, product design, production, and management are quickly taking the lead.
  • Product Manager is a key position who is in charge of creating strategy, marketing, defining features, and making predictions about products.
  • Product managers need to be meticulous and knowledgeable about the organizational objectives connected to product development.
  • In India, the average annual income for a product manager is around 14 lakhs.

4. Data Scientist

  • A data scientist understands and analyses various complicated data, such as website usage data.
  • Making sense of unstructured, jumbled data from many sources, including emails that don’t fit in the database, social media feeds, smart devices, and other sources, is a regular component of their work.
  • A high paying job as a data scientist is open to aspirants with a solid background in computer science, coding, mathematics, statistics, and analytics.
  • In India, the average annual income for a Data Scientist is around 11 lakhs.

5. Marketing Manager

  • To satisfy customer wants and increase revenues, a marketing manager develops and implements a company’s marketing plans.
  • They work in all facets of the sector, and the job function is rapidly expanding.
  • The entry-level requirement for a profession in marketing management is a bachelor’s degree in either business administration or marketing management.
  • The number of MBA candidates also increased dramatically as a result of the country’s post-liberalization significant increase in retail brands.
  • Sales and marketing managers have emerged as the most in-demand professions in India today, which is going through a significant startup revolution.
  • In India, the average annual income for a Marketing Manager is around 7 lakhs.