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Top Skills needed in Post Coronavirus World

As most of us are in lock-down, we have started to get a sense on how different the world would be post-coronavirus. During this pandemic, people lost jobs, companies went out of business and everywhere we see a common theme of “change”. The change in how we do business, how we interact, how we work […]

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How Businesses can prepare for “Living with Coronavirus” as the new normal

The pandemic, COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) has impacted everyone across the world in different ways. In a first of its kind situation, the economic activity was brought down to a standstill during this pandemic. Things are slowly getting back to normal, thanks to the restrictions put across at such massive scale. Now as businesses are opening, […]

Top Skills needed in Post Coronavirus World

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15 Books everyone should read once in their lifetime

Someone rightly said-“Friendship with books is the healthiest and wisest relation one can ever dream of”. Books give wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Some books you read, some books you enjoy, but some books just swallow you up, heart and soul. Listed here are some of the best […]

Not so common rags to riches success stories from India

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