Start saving money using these easy and handy tools

Personal Finance

There are some excellent apps available that can help you control your finances and save money efficiently, so you aren’t constantly loosing sleep thinking about expenses and savings.

We have assembled a list of few of those great apps here,


One of the first web-based budgeting tools is Mint. Users of Mint can link their accounts to track everything from budgets to investment accounts. The app automatically develops budgets based on your spending patterns and categorizes your expenses into many groups that you select and label, with suggested spending caps.

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The envelope technique of budgeting is used by Goodbudget, a tool for creating financial plans. Goodbudget provides tools for setting savings objectives and paying off debt. Once you’ve established your savings objectives, you can borrow money from another envelope if necessary if you go over your planned amount, but you shouldn’t increase your entire budget.

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Similar to Goodbudget, Mvelopes takes the concept of envelope budgeting and transforms it into a fully accessible digital platform. However, rather than letting the app stand on its own, Mvelopes is more concerned with offering continuing education, customized consultations, and one-on-one debt management counseling. The fundamental version of Mvelopes allows you to organize your spending into numerous envelopes while synchronizing to your accounts for thorough budgeting and control over where your money goes.

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The budgeting app MoneyWiz features a live syncing feature that enables real-time data synchronization between devices as well as the ability to sync all of your financial information to one location. This implies that after finishing a payment, transfer, or expense on your phone, you can view account information using your computer immediately rather than having to wait for hours. This app not only manages your financial accounts, spending plan, and payments, but it also aids in debt relief.

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Trim can sync to all of your accounts and perform financial assistant-like functions including transaction analysis and cost suggestion. Following an analysis of your spending, the app will recommend areas where you may make savings or charges you can eliminate entirely, such as the quantity of fast food you purchase or subscriptions you no longer find interesting.

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