Here is how you can be your own boss and earn a lot of money

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Ever wondered if you can control your time and work hours, without working for a dedicated employer, and earn a lot of money? If the answer is yes, you are ready to be your own boss, have a work life balance and earn a lot of money. Using exciting self employed jobs, you can really outshine and control your time and work schedule.

Working for oneself, rather than an employer on a fixed wage, is referred to as self-employment. Self-employed people frequently work with other companies as independent contractors, or on a part time basis. A self-employed person may be skilled in one line of work but nevertheless engage in a variety of jobs. Writers, developers, independent contractors, attorneys, insurance brokers, salespeople, etc. are a few examples of self-employment career. Although working for yourself may give you more flexibility, it does not guarantee a consistent income stream.

Difference between Self Employment and Full Time Job

Self EmploymentFull Time Job
While working for yourself gives a lot of flexibility, there is a lack of consistent income stream.  Employees are bound by a contract and are required to follow employers’ work & schedules. It often provides a consistent income stream.
The self-employed people have to contribute to the costs and expenses of the company.  The employer is responsible for paying the fees and expenses of the enterprises or companies where the employees are employed.  
Self-employed people are free to decide how many days they will work and take leave.Employees are not permitted to decide the number of days they will work and take leave.  
Self-employed people have complete control over their businesses and decisions.  Employed people can never truly be in command; they are constantly subject to authority.  

Types of Self Employment Jobs

A. Setting up your own business

Independent businesses

As an individual, you can setup a product or service company and sell your company’s services to Clients, and Clients compensates you for those services.

One-person businesses

A form of business known as a sole proprietorship is one that is run and owned by just one person. A sole proprietor does not necessarily operate alone; frequently, they will choose to recruit a small staff to assist them. It should be emphasized that with sole proprietorships, there is no legal separation between the owner and the business entity, which means that while the sole proprietor receives all of the business’s revenues, they are also fully liable for any losses.


A partnership is an agreement between two or more people to run a business together and split the profits and losses. With the exception of the fact that now more than one person has operational control, it is relatively comparable to sole proprietorships.

B. Freelancing

There are various options available to you, including working as a freelancer, if you want to work for yourself but aren’t interested in setting up your own business.

Being a freelancer has several advantages, including the freedom to choose only the tasks that interest you and meet your skill set. Freelancers are individuals who advertise their expertise online so that clients can hire them for various jobs. These can encompass activities like writing articles or taking photos, or perhaps other work from home freelance options.

For working as a freelancer there are lots of online providers. the top ones are listed below,

  • Upwork

Using the online marketplace Upwork, clients can post jobs for freelancers to bid on and complete in exchange for payment. Freelancers can find employment in this sector doing things like writing, graphic design, and web development.

Click to find more – Upwork

  • Fiverr

The largest marketplace for digital services in the world, Fiverr, provides a technologically optimized transactional platform for both buyers and sellers.

On Fiverr, a seller’s service is referred to specifically as a “Gig.” Sellers can specify their beginning price when establishing Gigs. By employing Gig Packages, sellers may go one step further and provide purchasers with Gig Packages. These have a wide variety of prices, and vendors can provide customers with a selection of personalized service packages. Customers can select from everything on offer in accordance with their unique needs in this way.

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  • Freelancer

A global network of freelancers is accessible to clients and organizations through the internet outsourcing platform known as Freelancer. Any member can submit a project, whether it’s a brief or lengthy task, and select from a pool of qualified freelancers who provide bid proposals with price quotes and time estimates for completion.

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  • Linkedin

The largest professional networking platform in the world is LinkedIn.

You can use it to network in your field and maintain contact with both former and present coworkers. It recently started talent marketplace where you can hire talent and work as an individual contributor too.

Click to find more – LinkedIn

Freelancing Service comparison

Upwork is versatile in short term and long term projects and is pioneer in freelancingFiverr is versatile mostly in short term and one time projectsFreelancer .com is less versatile than Upwork and FiverrLinkedin Services is pretty new as talent marketplace service provider
Upwork is a platform where freelancers find jobs.Fiverr is a platform where  sellers create gigs and sell their is a bid system platform. Where freelancers provide bid proposals.Linkedin is a networking platform and has a talent marketplace.
Upwork takes commission ranging in 5%, 10% and 20%Fiverr takes 20% commission from sellers.Freelancer takes a 10% commission fee.Linkedin doesn’t take any commission fee.
Quality of talent is higher on Upwork.Quality of talent on fiverr is good.Quality of talent is good on companies often hire on LinkedIn, so the quality of talent is good.

C. Interior Designing

Everyone who owns a home wants it to seem as nice as possible, and many people decide to engage an interior designer to help them achieve this. Being a self-employed interior designer can be an excellent choice if you have a keen sense of style. Being an interior designer has many advantages, like the ability to work virtually anywhere and the freedom from being confined to one place.

D. Online Tutoring

The market for tuition is always at an all-time high. But as more parents leave the house to work, they are employing more tutors to educate their kids. So, if you can review the material you acquired in school, you may use these self-employment chances to make a good living and give back to the community. In addition, there are online platforms like Udemy that search for specialists who can create and market courses online.

E. Blogging

A lot of people view blogging as a reliable form of independent work. As more and more individuals access the internet, they seek information on a wide range of subjects. You can write about a variety of industries and subjects, but if there is something you are extremely passionate about, blogging is a terrific method to spread your ideas to the world.

F. Photography

If you have a keen eye for photography and a thorough understanding of graphic editing with Adobe Photoshop, you can use your passion for photography to find work for yourself. Everybody wants to take photos of the various activities that take place every day across the nation. You can photograph weddings, events, food, travel, and other things. There are further opportunities like capturing pictures for websites or online photo sales.

To improve your skills in this demanding market place, use focus on these techniques to uplift your career, become self employment job ready and outshine in this demanding marketplace.