Top Careers that do not require a College degree

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If you did not go to college or don’t want to spend time in college, but looking for work, don’t worry, as without a degree, there are numerous professional options available. These include positions that require simply a high school diploma as well as positions that call for some post-secondary assistance and education.

Here is a list of 5 interesting jobs which did not require any degree.

  1. Flight attendant

Flight attendants offer routine services and respond to incidents to ensure airline passengers’ safety and comfort.

The main duty of a flight attendant is to ensure that everyone complies with safety regulations and that the flight deck is secure in order to keep passengers safe.

Eligibility Criteria

Education – Class 12th pass
Good Communication skill
Age- Below 25 years

2. Community Health Worker

Community health worker is a member of a community which provides health and care for their community.

The community may get assistance from CHWs in a variety of ways, including outreach, pregnancy support, first aid, teaching, activism, and casual counseling.

Eligibility Criteria

12th pass + 1 year certification program in this field

3. Firefighter

Firefighters are prepared to put out flames and perform other life-saving tasks to save humans and animals.

The work of a fireman includes dealing with dangerous substances, accidents involving vehicles, medical situations, floods, and even saving cats stuck in trees.

Eligibility Criteria

High school diploma certificate
Driving license
Age – 18+
EMT (Emergency medical technician) certificate
Physical Requirement- Height -165cm, Weight- 50kg, Chest- 81cm

4. Security Officer

Security officers defend citizens from terror, robbery, violence, fire, and other harmful dangers. They make a place secure by actively monitoring it or by utilizing security systems to keep an eye on it.

In order to increase overall safety and security, they may or may not carry guns for protection and may put up surveillance cameras, alarms, and controlled access technology.

Eligibility Criteria

Citizen of India
8th or 10th pass
Age Over 18 or lower 65
Security training certificate

5. Restaurant Cook

A restaurant cook’s duties include preparing and cooking a variety of snacks, dinners, and sweets.

Restaurant cooks blend materials, produce a variety of dishes, and follow recipes while employing different culinary techniques like slow cooking, steaming, roasting, and broiling.

The eating business continues to profit from a thriving gourmet culture. The best career chances at chains and premium restaurants go to cooks with formal training and the ability to create more complicated recipes.

Eligibility Criteria

No Educational background required
Must have experience of cutting tools
Team Player
Knowledge of various cooking techniques and food handling procedures