Ten Amazing One Minute Party Games


Remember the last time you got stuck at a boring party finding ways to kill time. As host, a little smart thinking on how to engage your audience with little fun activities can turn a boring party into a lively event. If you are not sure what games should you choose, listed here are some of the popular one minute games that can rock you as host and make your party more enjoyable .

Got more games to share, mention them in comments.

1. Pile up coins



♥ What you need – Coins

Each player has to pile up the coins one above the other in 1 minute. The one with the biggest pile wins.

2. Bouncing balls


♥ What you need – Balls and a bucket

Place a bucket at a distance of about 10 feet from the player. Each player throws the balls in the bucket in a minute using only one hand. The one who collects maximum number of balls in the bucket wins. Want to increase the difficulty level. Each player throws the ball in the bucket with one bounce on the floor.

3. Lighting candles



♥ What you need – Candles, matchsticks

Place candles in a row. Players have to light up maximum number of candles using one matchstick. One with maximum number of candles lighting wins.

4. Blow candles


♥ What you need – Candles

Place candles at a distance of approx 6″ from each other. Light them all. Players have to blow the candles in a minute. One who blows maximum number of candles wins.


 5. Memory game


♥ What you need – 20-25 small items, tray, cloth, paper & pen

Put 20-15 small items in a tray. Cover them with a cloth. Give paper and pen to each player. Show the items to each player for 5 secs. Now ask the players to recollect the items from the tray and list them on the paper in a minute. At the end of 1 minute collect all the papers. Winner is the one who lists maximum number of items.


 6. 7 sorry


♥ What you need – 4 or more people

The game starts with the first player saying “1”, the second player “2” and counting continues. On the multiples of 7 (7,14,21,28….) players speak “sorry” and not the number. If the player fails to do, he/she is out of the game. The game continues until one person is left and he becomes the winner.


7. Coins on edge


♥ What you need – Coins and glass with thick edge

Take a glass having a thick edge. Ask the players to balance as many coins as they can on the edge of the glass in a minute. The winner is the one with maximum number of coins on the edge.


8. Balloons in a string


♥ What you need – Inflated balloons and a string

The players have to tie as many balloons as possible using the string in a minute. Count the balloons for each player. One with maximum number wins.


9. Stack up


♥ What you need – Paper glasses

Each player has to stack up the glasses one over the other. The sequence will be alternate i.e. the first glass will be in upside down position, the second will be upright, the third will again be upside down and so on. Winner will be the one with maximum number of glasses in the pile.

10. Untie Knot


♥ What you need – 1 Thick String

Any one of the player has to tie a string on his wrist and make 5-6 tight knots. Now other players have to untie the knots in 1 minute using only one hand. Player who unties maximum number of knots will be the winner