Do not miss these great attractions near Taj Mahal


It is well known that Taj Mahal is an absolute wonder and a trademark tourist destination of India. It is one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage. Every year millions of tourists from India and around the world visits this jewel of Indian art. But wait, there are some not-to-miss great places in the vicinity of Taj Mahal. Here are the ones which tops the list.

Fatehpur Sikri

Built during the second half of the 16th century by the Emperor Akbar, Fatehpur Sikri  was the capital of the Mughal Empire for some 10 years. The complex of monuments and temples, all in a uniform architectural style,  is one of the best preserved examples of Mughal architecture in India. Fatehpur Sikri was the first planned city (now abandoned) of the Mughals marked by magnificent administrative, residential and religious buildings comprised of palaces, public buildings, mosques, living areas for the court, the army, the servants of the king and an entire city. Some of the important buildings to visit are Jama Masjid, Buland Darwaza, Tomb of Salim Chishti, Ibadat Khana, Panch Mahal, Hiran Minar.

Type of Attraction History [World Heritage Site]
Distance from Taj 50 Kms (32 mi)

Agra Fort

 A robust 15th century Mughal marvel on the right bank of the river Yamuna. It is embellished with number of richly decorated buildings encompassing the imposing Mughal style of art and architecture.

Type of Attraction History [World Heritage Site]
Distance from Taj 5 Kms (~3 mi)


Akbar’s Tomb

Situated on the out skirts of the Agra City, it houses the mortal remains of the Mughal Emperor Akbar (one of the greatest emperors in the history of India), who, during his lifetime itself had completed the tomb and laid out a beautiful garden.

Type of Attraction History [World Heritage Site]
Distance from Taj 20 Kms (~13 mi)



Vrindavan offers both religious and cultural places to visit. It is the site where according to Hinduism, Lord Krishna spent his childhood days. The town hosts many temples dedicated to the worship of Radha and Krishna. Attractions like Prem Mandir, ISKON, Bankey Bihari Temple should not be missed.

Type of Attraction Religion & History
Distance from Taj 82 Kms (51 mi)


Keoladeo National Park

Formerly known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur, this former duck-hunting reserve of the Maharajas is one of the major wintering areas for large numbers of aquatic birds. Some  230 species of birds are known to be resident. It is a man-made and man-managed wetland, and is one of the richest bird areas in the world and is known for nesting of resident birds and visiting migratory birds including water birds.

Type of Attraction Bird Sanctuary
Distance from Taj 64 Kms (40 mi)