Top Skills needed in Post Coronavirus World


As most of us are in lock-down, we have started to get a sense on how different the world would be post-coronavirus. During this pandemic, people lost jobs, companies went out of business and everywhere we see a common theme of “change”. The change in how we do business, how we interact, how we work and so on.

As the restrictions are getting relaxed and things are getting back to normal, we should start thinking about the skills that would shape the “future of work”.

To make you stand out and shine in the post-pandemic world, we bring here a few skills that will help regaining the confidence in this fluctuating job market.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a necessary skill in these challenging times. The ability to express, to be aware of, to control our emotions, and to understand others is the need of the hour. These are the times when businesses are not operating in their usual self, and people are doubtful about their jobs, we need to connect and be sensible to each other. Emotional intelligence acts as a central skill as we respond to situations differently. A person with excellent emotional balance and intelligence are sure to succeed.

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Digital Skills

As the focus is drastically shifting from brick and mortar stores to serving customers online, the opportunities related to digital skills are immense. Businesses in health care, retail, education and other sectors, are striving to have online presence. The companies are now focusing on digital strategies and digitization is essential in every field.

The digital transformation of corporations and organizations are getting a boost in this pandemic. Hence, professionals with digital skills including web development, content creation, and digital marketing will stand out.

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Technical Skills

As businesses are trying to provide services online, tech-savviness is rather important today, as a person with technical skills would get greater value at work quickly.

Technologies such as big data, virtual & augmented reality, internet of things, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning are going to make businesses more flexible and robust in the coming days.

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Adaptability itself defines the way one can adapt to the changes in the surroundings. After the end of the coronavirus pandemic, the work place will no longer be same. The offices will operate with virtual team-ups, video conferencing, and more while having digital focus. A person who can manage to adapt to these new work conditions, would be a clear winner.

Risk Management & Problem Solving

The businesses that are surviving in this pandemic are the ones who have smartly changed their ways of working and have accepted the digital challenge while mitigating the risks.

Leaders or managers must understand how to assess the risks and plan for mitigation. In post coronavirus world, decision making for businesses will depend on risk management capabilities and implementing best alternatives through problem solving. 

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Commitment to learn

The commitment to learn is yet another prominent element for the post coronavirus world. A learning curve is essential to growth and one should never stop learning.

As businesses are now shifting their working models, new avenues of opportunities are shaping up. A teacher teaching in a physical school setup, should be equipped in taking classes online. A person working in an office setup, should be capable of working remotely. A store with physical operations, should be equipped with providing services online.

So, it is critical to keep learning as the change is inevitable.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is necessary to rebuild the global economic damage done by COVID-19. As the leaders, governments, and businesses are forced to bring in a lot of change, many fake news and misinterpretations of data are coming. One who can evaluate and determine the right information and can take necessary steps will be valuable.

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Creative Thinking

One can see the importance of innovation and creative skills during this pandemic. Several businesses like automakers and others, have started providing support, by producing low cost breathing or preventing aid equipments such as Ventilators, Respirators and Face masks.

In the post coronavirus world, one who is able to innovate, re-skill themselves, work in different setup, are going to win among others.

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“Always learning” is the success Mantra to keep pace in this changing world. Among other skills, one needs to be equipped with these in-demand skills to stand out. 


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