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Ten interesting occupations from the past

We have come a long way since the advent of civilization, and looking back at it will give us a sense on all great things we achieved thus far in the ever-changing world. While some of these changes were certain, others were embraced due to the need and demands of society. Among all, occupations kept evolving overtime in newer forms. […]


Key Differences between Indian Business Entities

There are Five major business entities that a business can register in India. You might want to look at our previous tale on what they are – Business Entities In India We are listing down here the key advantages and disadvantages of these business entities. Sole Proprietorship space Partnership space Limited Liability Partnership space Private […]


Multiplication Techniques based on Vedic Mathematics

1. Multiplication of two 2 digit numbers 12*23  Follow these steps for numbers that do not return carryover, Step 1 Multiply the last digits of both the numbers  (2*3=6) Step 2 Cross multiply the digits of both numbers and add the cross multiplication (1*3+2*2=7) Step 3 Multiply the first digits of both the numbers (1*2=2) […]


You Need To Know These Trendy Social Media Acronyms

Social Media is continuously evolving that brings in a lot of good trends to try out for. Ever wondered what an acronym means while skimming through tweets, Facebook and Instagram feed? Acronyms often comes of as a handy and an easy to use tool for exchanging information with a little or no facial interaction. Mentioned here are […]