Commonly confused words in english

English has many words that makes it really hard to determine the correct one within a given context. They either look alike, sound alike or, worst of all, look and sound alike but have completely different meanings. Other words look and sound different but are similar in meaning. We have compiled a quick-reference list of pairs of […]

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Basics about Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) in India

If you are a startup or soon-to be one, obtaining DSC is one of the basic requirements for registering your business entity in India. Here is all the basic information one needs to know about DSC. What is Digital Signature Certificate Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are the digital equivalent (that is electronic format) of physical […]


Is Antikythera Mechanism the oldest computer ever known

A little over a century ago, an astonishing object made up of bronze and wood was discovered by sponge divers at bottom of the sea near the island of Antikythera, that slowly became the topic of debate within the renown international community on how little we know about our glorious past of the ancient world. For decades, […]


Avoid these 15 Common redundancies in English

In English language, redundancy means superfluous repetition or overlapping, especially of words. At times, we tend to use two words that convey similar meaning within a context.  Though Redundancy is not considered an error, but a good practice to avoid repetitive expressions that adds nothing to what’s already been said. For example, “Foreign Imports”, here […]


Key Differences between Indian Business Entities

There are Five major business entities that a business can register in India. You might want to look at our previous tale on what they are – Business Entities In India We are listing down here the key advantages and disadvantages of these business entities. Sole Proprietorship space Partnership space Limited Liability Partnership space Private […]


Multiplication Techniques based on Vedic Mathematics

1. Multiplication of two 2 digit numbers 12*23  Follow these steps for numbers that do not return carryover, Step 1 Multiply the last digits of both the numbers  (2*3=6) Step 2 Cross multiply the digits of both numbers and add the cross multiplication (1*3+2*2=7) Step 3 Multiply the first digits of both the numbers (1*2=2) […]


You Need To Know These Trendy Social Media Acronyms

Social Media is continuously evolving that brings in a lot of good trends to try out for. Ever wondered what an acronym means while skimming through tweets, Facebook and Instagram feed? Acronyms often comes of as a handy and an easy to use tool for exchanging information with a little or no facial interaction. Mentioned here are […]