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Not so common rags to riches success stories from India

Rags-to-riches stories not only motivate us to keep working towards our goal, but they often turn out to be a great source of inspiration for buddy entrepreneurs. They teach us that the pitfalls and problems faced along the way are just stepping stones, and sooner or later, the hard work will pay and it will […]

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Is Antikythera Mechanism the oldest computer ever known

A little over a century ago, an astonishing object made up of bronze and wood was discovered by sponge divers at bottom of the sea near the island of Antikythera, that slowly became the topic of debate within the renown international community on how little we know about our glorious past of the ancient world. For decades, […]

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Ten Amazing One Minute Party Games

Remember the last time you got stuck at a boring party finding ways to kill time. As host, a little smart thinking on how to engage your audience with little fun activities can turn a boring party into a lively event. If you are not sure what games should you choose, listed here are some […]